Iphone stuck on apple logo white screen

How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck at Apple Logo . Don't panic, there is actually something you can do to fix the iPhone stuck in DFU mode. Apple iPhone XS Max is the new flagship mobile for the full screen after iPhone X. Force Restart to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo The “Fix iOS System” feature is designed to fix iPhone/iPad/iPod stuck on the Apple Logo, on a white or black screen, or in recovery mode, DFU mode, Apple Logo, black screen, white screen, connecting to iTunes screen or looping on start etc. Easy-to-follow instructions provided. Solution 1: Force Restart Has it ever happened to you that your iPhone gets stuck in the white apple logo screen? It’s a common problem and when this happens, most people fear that they’ll lost all of their data in recovering the phone. Part 1. People need to hold the Sleep/Wake button and the home button at the mean until you see the Apple logo again, and then release the button. If your iPhone faces white screen of death, find the  6 days ago We have tested the top 3 ways to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo. how to fix Iphone 4/4S/5/5S/5C/6/6S stuck on apple logo screen|| complete solution|| iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo FIX (no computer and How to Fix Reboot Problem After Screen Replacement Step 2: Keep the buttons pressed until you see the Apple logo on the screen. stuck on white screen with apple logo. 4 Fix iPad White Screen of Death with FoneLab iOS System Recovery. Iphone stuck on updating screen? Emily I plugged my iPhone into the computer to update it to iOS 7. 3, it has been stuck for about an hour with no change, it has the apple sign with the loading bar down the bottom except it hasn't loaded at all. Can't Miss: There Way to Access iCloud Backup > Method 1. Stuck at the white Apple screen for many minutes. When you try to jailbreak iPhone or update iOS 10, your iPhone might easily stuck in DFU mode and get white/black screen or white apple logo screen. Refine various kinds errors on iOS platform. First I'm advicing you to update your iPhone firmware via iTunes, and that will require a PC or Mac, a cable and internet connection, and  2 Aug 2019 Your iPhone 6 can get stuck on the white Apple logo or any screen because something is preventing it from completing its normal startup  Fixes various iOS issues like iPhone stuck on apple logo, white screen, stuck in recovery mode, etc. 3 My iPad Pro was stuck at the Apple Logo screen after installing iOS 9. error codes, freezing and crashing, white/blue/black/red screen, and more. This can happen due to faulty updates, jailbreaking, and restoring of corrupted iOS backup files in iCloud or iTunes. fone - Repair. The only way back from an iPhone stuck on the logo after jailbreaking, according to the OS X Daily website, is to restore the phone to its factory settings via iTunes. Click "More tools" on the left column and then tab the "iPhone System Recovery" on the preview window. How to Fix the Problem of White/Black Apple Logo Stuck on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch? Apple logo of death is ususally caused by corrupted operating sytems. Step-by-step guide for how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo After reset issue with iSkysoft Toolbox – iOS System Recovery “IOS system recovery” option is developed for iphone products having different recovery issues but for the time being we are studying apple logo appearance for the the stuck iphone after resetting. You see a black screen with the Apple logo in the center but there’s where it ends right? Also see our article The Best Camera Apps for the iPhone How to Fix iPod touch Stuck at White Screen of Death? How to Exit iPhone DFU Mode without Data Loss? How to Back up iPhone in DFU Mode? Alternative to TinyUmbrella: How to Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone/iPad? How to Solve iPhone Notes Icon Missing or Hidden Issue? iPhone Stuck into White Apple Logo, How to Fix it? You might be wondering what has caused the issue “iPhone stuck on Apple logo”. How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo. Apple iDevices have one of the unique and amazing firmware and so iPhone XS Max. iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo: How to Fix Solution #1: Restart Your iPhone. Step 3: Once the Apple logo appears on the screen you can release the button and allow the iPhone to restart. When you start your iPhone it goes through the process of Your iPhone 6 can get stuck on the white Apple logo or any screen because something is preventing it from completing its normal startup routine. gl/uLbdyP If your Iphone, Ipad, or Ipod is stuck in a boot loop / Apple logo screen try Apple logo with progress bar after updating or restoring iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch After you update iOS, restore from a backup, or erase your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, your device displays the Apple logo with a progress bar. I have attached a video of the phone Like any other iPhone model that came before it, the #iPhone8 model can succumb to the same problems that plague older models. Latest update on April 20, 2015 at 09:20 AM by jak58. Normal restart does not often get rid of the Apple logo, you may need to hard reset. My iphone 6 is stuck at the If you are an avid Apple iPhone user and stuck on the white Apple logo or indicating Apple logo on a black screen when you try to start the device, then your search for a solution to the issue ends here. Looking for help - my Iphone 6S is stuck on a white screen where it only shows the black Apple logo. More Abnormal Situations. See also: How To Fix iPhone Cannot Connect To iTunes Store Ways to fix iPhone white screen of death I know most people had met iPhone stuck on loading screen and doesn't know how to fix it. If the screen appears stuck on the Apple logo, attempt to power the device off and back on by holding the "sleep/wake button. This post will show you the best 6 ways to fix iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4/SE/S/Plus stuck on loading/installing circle screen. 3/9. If you are still facing the same issue, you should consider contacting the Apple Customer Support without a delay. The first method that users want to try may be resetting the device. This document, titled "iPhone - White screen with black apple logo after a failed update," is available under the Creative Commons license. If you tried to restart your phone and now it's stuck on a white screen with a black Apple logo, it is because something went wrong during your phone's start up routine. iPod, iPad or iPhone users with a WSoD will see either a completely blank white screen or a frozen display that shows only the Apple logo. Solution 1. Don't know how to reboot your There two approaches to fix iPhone/iPad stuck on Apple logo. You can just follow to fix iPhone stuck error and restore  Unfortunately, when you see your SCREEN turn white with the Apple logo in plain sight – you're in trouble. It can be frustrating when your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo and doesn't boot. Especially for those who have recently bought the new brand device, they can easily get iPhone 7/7 Plus stuck at apple logo after jailbreak or restoring. Apple logo issues are available to fix, such as White Screen Apple logo Stuck, flashing Apple logo on and off, Apple logo Loop. Black/Blue/Red/White Screen. This will help you Although Apple doesn’t offer support for jailbreaking the iPhone, this process is legal in the United States. Question: My iPhone running iOS 12 is showing only a white screen with black Apple logo after I tried to erase my iCloud. Some Apple fans might have met the problem of their iPhone, iPad, iPod stuck at Apple Logo and won't be able to boot all the way up to enter the main interface. Disabled after Unlock Failure. Then: If you own an iPhone 7: press and hold the on/off (sleep/wake) and volume down buttons until you see the Apple logo (ignore the “Slide to power off Please note that these fixes are troubleshooting and many users were able to pass the boot screen with either of the fixes listed below, so have a look and give it a try one by one. . 0 /1024. Launch this software on your computer and connect your iPhone to it with USB cable. If your iPad is locked up so much that above-mentioned ways are not working for your iPad with white screen, You might need to third-party tool to fix your disable iOS system prblems. iPhone Keeps Restarting. Step 1) Plug in your iDevice into your computer using the USB cable. Just get yourself a USB cable and a computer. Add a comment . button and the On/Off button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo appear. The simplest method: fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo by hard reset. And charge your iPad or iPhone for at least 15 minutes. Rebooting Once your iPhone or other iOS device is stuck on white screen of death or iPhone white screen with Apple logo, one of the best ways is to use a third-party professional iOS repair tool named Joyoshare UltFix. Sometimes although you do nothing, you would also find your device stuck on Apple logo. The appearance of apple logo on the screen is the most common issue that many iPhone users may meet. Works smoothly with all versions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod  17 Apr 2018 In this article, I'll explain why your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo iPhone is really doing when it shows the Apple logo on the screen so  25 Feb 2019 This post shows how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo and explains how to easily and quickly recover files from iPhone with white Apple screen  13 Jun 2018 Also learn why your iPhone was stuck at Apple logo screen. 1. 22 Nov 2018 Stuck on Apple logo screen of death and iPhone can't Power On? Never panic! Here you can find the all round information about how to fix  9 Dec 2016 Easy solutions are here to fix iPhone 7/7 Plus stuck on Apple logo issue for you now. The easiest way to you can try to fix "iPhone stuck on iPhone" in iOS 11 is to force restart your iPhone, which is also helpful in solving problems like "touch screen not working" and "iPhone not connecting to iTunes". Occasionally through the standard iOS upgrade process, but most commonly when jailbreaking, the iPhone can reboot and get stuck on the Apple logo at boot. But somehow it makes us frustrating by bugs and issues like iPhone XS Max stuck on the loading screen and infinite boot loops or iPhone XS Max Wi-Fi issues etc. You can just follow these ways step by step to resolve iPhone X stuck on black screen with white Apple logo or white screen with black Apple logo. If your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo during startup and can't continue past it to the home screen, you may worry that your iPhone is ruined. As an iPhone user, you may have encountered this annoying iPhone stuck on Apple logo problem, like most of us. Why is Your iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo? Okay, i replaced a iphone 6 phone screen yesterday and since the replacement, when i boot the device it is stuck on the boot screen? I let the phone run out of battery, plugged it in and it was stuck on the charge icon. 2. How to fix the iPhone White Screen of Death into little more than a desk lamp by only emitting white light. This application is totally secure and easy to use. Rarely, the iPhone may get stuck on the Apple logo screen. iOS repair is a professional and fully-featured data recovery tool for all your iPhone, iPad and iPod to run into the normal operating state when occur white Apple logo screen of death, and it stuck at the Apple logo screen, or in an endless loop after upgrading the iOS, jailbreaking your iPhone, or restoring your iPhone from iTunes. 13 Dec 2018 It is very frustrating when your iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo for hours and you If your screen is blank, your iPhone is in DFU mode. Retains existing phone data during the fix. If your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad is stuck on the Apple logo boot screen, follow these steps below to restore your iDevice to its former glory. We iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPod touch (7th generation): Press and hold both the Side (or Top) button and the Volume Down button for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo. Your iPhone may get stuck on the Apple logo white screen during an iOS update or other reasons, you cannot get it pass and even by pressing the home button. Are you getting the White Apple Logo Screen of Death on your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? When upgrading to firmware version, many users have found their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will not boot past the White Apple logo screen. After jailbreaking your iPad, updating the iOS version or having a regular restore from an iPhone/iPad/iPod backup with iTunes, or resetting iPhone/iPad to factory settings, you may suddenly find the Apple logo stuck with the iPad screen. It's not as if your phone is going to explode or anything. 0. com. The tool supports all Windows With this program, you can easily fix your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad out of Recovery mode, white screen, stuck on Apple logo, black screen or other abnormal statuses. Just carefully read and follow my tutorial to solve iPhone X Stuck on Black Screen of death or Apple logo. So that your device will back to normal without erasing any data on it. 4 Basic Tips to  Put the iPhone in Recovery Mode if it is frozen on the Apple logo for more than Then proceed and follow the directions on screen to restore your phone's data. Here are the three ways to fix iPhone in Apple logo screen. The steps below will help you diagnose and fix the real reason why your iPad gets frozen on the Apple logo. See! There are various reasons for white Apple screen of death. Fix iPhone 6 Stuck on Apple Logo without Data Loss. Your iPhone 5 is frozen on the Home Screen. Usually, your iPhone 6 cannot start normally when it shows Apple logo. sometimes Problem occurred after the update. I done a hard reset and again no changes. The fastest trick or method to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue is to use Home button to get this problem solved. Fix iPhone Stuck at the Apple Logo Screen. On your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Try these few options and see if this helps you solve this mac screen stuck or no boot problem. Dedicated Tool to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo on iOS 12. The screen displays a black color and further you can go for the method of Screen curtain accessibility mode. Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo with Progress Bar via 3rd-Party Tool. Frozen for Some Reasons. 12 Nov 2018 This article helps you fix iPhone stuck on white screen with Apple logo with no hazard. Hopefully, by this point your iPhone is as good as new and you’ll never have to deal with this problem again. Or read this guide "Fix iPhone White Screen of Death" 03/02/2018 by pattonki. There are third-party solutions that can be used to fix issues affecting iOS devices like the device stuck on the Apple Logo, the black/white screen and even a device that is stuck in DFU mode. The cause of being stuck on the white Apple logo screen is quite hard for users to pinpoint precisely, but it is commonly associated with the standard iOS  26 Apr 2019 How to fix an Apple iPhone XS Max that's stuck on white Apple logo and just stays on the same screen unless the system is rebooted. Force restart on an iPhone XR, XS, X or 8. With her phone now, when she holds down power and home to reboot the device, she gets a white screen with a black apple logo, where I (and my co-workers on ios 7) get a black screen with a Had the same issue after restoring from my iPhone X backup to my iPhone XS Max. First, try hard reseting your iPhone. BTW, you had better do a check that is your iPhone stuck on black/white loading screen or stuck on Apple logo. That name makes it sound scary, but it's not as bad as the name makes it sound in most cases. To begin with you should start by rebooting your iPhone. I presented you the 3 Best working methods to solve the problem. Last week following a sync with my iMac my iPhone 3G ended up stuck in the apple logo reset and all combinations of reset failed to get it going. what to Do When iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo. Now the phone will just stay at the apple logo screen for a while, then the apple logo will disappear (but the screen is still slightly backlit), then it will go back to the apple logo a short time later. iPhone Stuck at the Apple Logo Screen?For some reason you iPhone might Stuck at the Apple Logo Screen, after update your iPhone to more high ios system; jailbreak your iPhone; your iPhone water damaged cause white Apple logo screen of death, and it stuck at the Apple logo screen, or in an endless loop so that you can't move forward. Press and hold the volume down button on your 7 Plus and 7 while still holding the On/Off If your iPhone's screen is totally white and isn't showing any icons or apps, you may be facing the infamous iPhone White Screen, aka the iPhone White Screen of Death. Simple way to solve iOS devices stuck in recovery mode. Here I am going to tell you the solutions to fix this issue. Press Several Buttons Together. It doesn't help at all even though you try many times to turn to the phone on and off. iPhone get into recovery mode and become bricked during iOS 10 upgrade? Here is a step guide to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode after iOS 10 upgrade without losing data. bad idea now my phone is stuck on the white screen with the Summary: One click to fix iPhone 8(+) and iPhone X that stuck in apple logo screen without losing data. iPhones in general, and especially your 7/ 7 Plus and 8/8Plus models are great Apple products and rarely exhibit hardware issues. Your iPhone data is important and you should look for means to fix the issue without losing iMyFone iOS System Recovery is one of the best third-party tools to fix various iOS problems, such as device stuck at Apple logo, black/white screen, recovery mode, jailbreak, Keeps Restarting, etc. iOS users call it the " Apple logo Screen of Death". Jailbreak process. Cancel Post comment. Whether your iPhone is disabled, stuck in Apple Logo or white screen, damaged due to water, frozen for uncertain reason, this program can fix it and get your device back to nornal again. In other cases, the iPhone can't get past Apple logo screen then turn off and show black screen. This problem happened to me before and it was kind of a nightmare. Works smoothly with all versions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. When something goes wrong on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, the first method we can think up is to restore the iPhone as new. This usually happens after a software update or a crash, and it’s fairly obvious because the Apple logo appears against an otherwise black display and that is all you see on the iPhone; just the Apple logo stuck on the screen and the If these steps do not work you can try using dr. Let us take a look at some of the ways of fixing an iPhone stuck on Apple Logo. How to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo - Step 1. One such problem is device failure to boot normally. Let's see how to fix the iPhone stuck at Apple logo now. Seems normal now. Recover from black screen crash down or blue screen of death caused by software flaws. Solutions For Fixing iPad Frozen Screen Issue. [Issue Fixed]iPhone Stuck at the Apple Logo Screen. There are a lot of different reasons why an iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo and usually you don't need to have your iPhone replaced to fix it. Why Mac is stuck at startup-Mac computers are the good computers but it gets hard and become more trouble when they get stuck on some point. Your iPhone 6 can get stuck on the white Apple logo or any screen because something is preventing it from completing its normal startup routine. The first method is to use iOS Sytem Recovery, a professional iOS system repairing tool that gives you a great way to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue. Fix iPhone iPad Stuck on Apple Logo after Update – Use iOS Reboot Tools. How to Fix iPhone when iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode Stuck on Apple Logo Screen? 1- First try force starting your device. Read this tip to fix White Screen on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad in iOS 11. Solve iPad Stuck on Apple Logo Issue without Data Loss. Stucks in Headphone Mode. Method 1: Use iOS System Recovery to Fix Apple Logo Screen on iPhone/iPad . 3 . Then booted with the black Apple screen and let me finisht the setup process. It stuck at the Apple logo screen, or in an endless loop so that you can't move forward. Here are steps on how to fix an iPhone XR that's stuck on the Apple logo. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about such Most of the time, your iPad gets stuck on the Apple logo because of a software issue or problem with a third-party security software currently installed on your computer. iPad with Home button, iPhone 6s or earlier, and iPod touch (6th generation) or earlier: Press and hold both the Side (or Top) button and the Home button for at Just follow to find the solutions to restore your stuck iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus from Apple white or black logo right now. Just press and hold on the ON/OFF button and slide to power off. While the problem of an iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo is commonly associated with jailbreaking, it can occur on just about any iPhone due to a variety of reasons. The name sounds scary but it is actually fixable. As we know, after upgrading the iOS, jailbreaking, or restoring your iPhone from iTunes, you may encounter some problems like that your iPhone can be started normally. If your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, you have likely just performed a software update or your phone has just crashed. 1 Update; Stuck on white Apple logo screen of death and iPhone can’t power on? a user stated on one of the Apple Support Communities. This is one of the simplest and fastest methods that will help you to fix iPhone stuck at Apple logo. They said sometimes it stuck on full progress bar. 28 May 2019 If your device has a frozen screen, doesn't respond when you touch it, Press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo. This blog is a sure-shot guide to resolve this challenge. How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo During iOS 9. Turning the phone on and off generally doesn’t help, as you’ll be “iPhone stuck on black screen with spinning wheel” is a common issue after Apple users upgraded to iOS 10. For example, by using iOS restart tools like PhoneRescue for iOS, you can get your device out of stuck on “Apple Logo”, “Restarting Loop” or “Connect to iTunes”. Your devices will spontaneously reboot and never boot past the white Apple logo on black background which makes you cannot move forward. Gets Trouble in DFU Mode. We’ve discussed a number of reasons why the Apple logo can get stuck on the screen of your iPhone, and the different solutions that apply for each one. Simultaneously press and hold the Home button and the power button until the screen shuts down and the Apple logo reappears. That's not necessarily the case. O2 were as much use as a chocolate Teapot but I travelled 25 miles to an Apple "genius" who could'nt solve either and replaced it. Hi, I had the same problem with the iPhone 7 being stuck in the Apple logo, and I followed these steps, but my iTunes is not able to access the phone because it has a passcode, and I can't enter the passcode because the screen is stuck in the logo. You only need to click one button, then you can fix all the problems. 3 via OTA. In addition to the Apple logo screen, it also works effectively to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode, iPhone freezes problem, iPhone stuck on Black screen, iPhone stuck on White screen, red screen, blue screen etc. Catch up troubleshooting tips for big software related issues on iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR and the Expert suggestion that care for hardware problems. iPhone 7  21 Jun 2019 If your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo during startup and can't continue past it to the home screen, you may worry that your iPhone is ruined. However, that is not necessarily true. The iPhone starts up and then displays a white or black screen showing only the Apple logo–essentially 3. First make sure that your device is connected to a power source. In order to get your iPhone back on track, you will have to put it in DFU mode (Device Firmware Update mode). There are 4 ways to solve this problem for iPad. iPhone: No Longer Stuck On The Apple Logo. After doing this I saw the apple logo appear and thought it was fixed, but it is not. This is another technique where you can access your Apple watch stuck at Apple logo from your iPhone. The tool repairs the corrupted operating system on While only one major iOS 9 bug has been discovered thus far, a bug that prompted Apple to quickly push out an iOS 9. What’s Your iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Screen while iOS 10 or iOS 11 Update? This article teaches you how to fix your iPhone SE/iPhone 6/iPhone 6S(Plus)/5S, iPad Pro/ mini 4/ Air 2 stuck on Apple Logo issues by professional iPhone System Repair & Data Reocvery tool. When you are held up in a situation where you jailbroken iPhone gets stuck in the Apple logo do not tense since this problem can be fixed. 2 update, there are a host of minor issues that iPhone and iPad owners using iOS 9 are complaining about including issues with battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity, their Bluetooth connection and iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen. Home button and hold standby trick to restore stuck iPhone 7/7 Plus with Apple logo. Apple changed the way to make emergency calls starting with the iPhone X ($630 at Walmart) and iPhone 8 ($599 at Amazon). Downloading and installing all previously installed apps as usual after a restore. Fixes various iOS issues like iPhone stuck on apple logo, white screen, stuck in recovery mode, etc. i turned my iphone off by holding the power button thinking if i reset it i would be able to do something. i then went to delete it by checking tutorials, all of them told me to delete packages. It has partially rebooted and got stuck. If you turn on the voice-over mode, your Apple watch will display a black screen and it will get restarted. When I hold down the power button, nothing happens. A stuck black screen  . The issue may disappear after a couple of seconds or after a restart, but if that does not happen, there are a couple of things you can try before contacting Apple. Because this maneuver involves If force restarting your iPhone does not fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo then you can consider putting the device into DFU mode to resolve the issue. Key Features * Fix all iOS problems such as iPhone stuck on Apple logo, recovery mode, DFU mode or headphone mode and so on. Welcome to fixingblog. Fix iOS to normal and recover files on device without losing any data. This article mainly shows four ways about repairing iPhone X frozen on Apple logo on iOS 12/11/10. Security software, defective USB Your iPhone stuck at white Apple logo screen of death? Many iPhone users have encountered the same issue but finally fixed it. Perfectly fix iPhone/iPad/iPod stuck on the Apple logo. Shows Apple logo All the Time. In this troubleshooting article, we address a problem about an iPhone 8 failing to go beyond the Apple logo screen. DFU or ‘Device Firmware Update’ can be considered as the last possible step in fixing an iPhone that is stuck on its Apple logo. iPad got stuck on Apple logo screen probably caused by jailbreak, updating your iOS version or restoring from backup. This removes the jailbreak but gets the phone working again. That's why some users call it the white apple logo screen of death. It is one of the reasons for an iPhone to get stuck on the Apple logo. If I hold down the power button and the home button, the screen goes black and then when it's powered back on I go back to the same white screen. When your iPhone is stuck with Apple Logo, it’s frustrating. It is really important to know the causes behind this issue so as to let it not happen again. Quick Fix 1. Stuck at boot screen after updating to iOS 9. dr. Some of the common reasons behind the stuck screen on Apple logo are: 1. Here are a handful go ways to get your iPhone out of a startup loop and back in working order. Find that your iPhone 8(+) or iPhone X stucking in apple logo screen? I believe some users have encountered the situation of white/black apple logo appearing on the screen of their iPhone 8(+) or iPhone X. Do you want get your iPhone out of Apple logo screen and prevent data loss? Try RecoveryTool Fix Recovery! The newly-developed function of "Repair" can help Why iPad stuck on Apple logo screen iPad may be stuck on Apple logo for lots of reasons. Androidphonesoft has developed a very famous iOS system recovery tool that can easily reset all your issues back to normal pace. 3 fixes to "iPhone 8/iPhone X stuck on Apple logo" in iOS 11 Tip 1: Force Restart your iPhone. Method 2 – Put iPhone in DFU Mode to Get out of While Screen Death . Other users may have done nothing and also find that their device is stuck in limbo and won’t boot. Hey guys, So We are sharing methods to fix Iphone stuck on Apple logo. " If, after powering your phone back on, it freezes on the Apple logo, hard reset the device by simultaneously holding the "home" and "sleep/wake" buttons until your phone powers down. need helppp i downloaded cydia thinking it was a good idea. If hard resetting the phone does not take care of the White Screen of Death issue you Method 1: Fix iPhone White Screen with Apple Logo with Restore. 7 May 2019 [Summary]: When your ios devices stuck on Apple Logo screen the situation such as white Apple logo screen of death and reboot to normal. I've been using ios 7 since beta one on my device and with the release I updated my wife's 5 to ios 7 too. this vexing problem of getting their iPhone stuck on white/black Apple screen. The very first thing we will need to do is to get out of that boot loop zone in order to perform additional Fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo. i did and then went to open an app it bugged and put me back to my home screen. You may meet with the situation that your iPhone stuck on the white apple logo when rebooting, it becomes a bricked iPhone, if this problem happens, how do you fix it? This tutorial is mainly introducing why this problem happened on your iPhone and the resolutions to fix it. Part 3: Fix "iPhone Stuck on Apple logo" without Losing Data As the above way shows, resetting iPhone can fix "iPhone Stuck in Apple Logo", but there is a risk of data loss from this way. This basically looks like the “ ” against a white or black screen. 3. But how? Just follow these 8 ways to fix iPhone white screen of death. Some recovery tools could help you fix this iOS issue. If you’ve encountered this issue, please keep your reading. Most of the beginners, who buys Apple iPhone faces many problems and the most common problem is iPhone stuck on Apple logo, Most of the users are facing this problem, sometimes they reset their iPhone and faces this problem. You won’t lose any of your data while your device is fixed. Has your iPhone 6 ever stuck on the white Apple logo? Simply say, Apple logo usually refers the situation that your iPhone 6 shows white Apple logo on black screen when you attempt to start the device. Step 2) Press and hold the sleep/wake button and the home button simultaneously. If your iPhone restarts to the Apple logo again and remains stuck there forever, you will need to try one of the following solutions. Many Apple users have a complaint that their iMac stuck on Apple Logo with spinning wheel/black screen/white screen. fone - iOS System Recovery with no data loss: https://goo. The simplest way—only if it works– to fix this issue is to restart your iPhone. Fix with various iOS system issues like stuck in DFU mode, black screen, recovery mode, white Apple logo, looping on start, etc. Supported iPhone, iPad and iPod. Decided to hard reset. Sometimes when jailbreaking an iPhone or after installing a jailbreak app, your iPhone will get stuck on reboot, or will hang on the Apple logo. Method 2: Hard Reset Your iPhone to Fix iPhone Stuck Apple Logo Screen . This problem occurs more to the jailbroken iDevices when the user attempt to upgrade the iOS version. Stuck in Recovery Mode. Common Solutions to Fix Jailbroken iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo. This post will show you 4 effective methods to help you go past the Apple logo on iPhone with simple steps. Step 1 Launch FoneLab. They said this problem occurred after updating High Sierra. And next, let's see how to solve this problem. Hold the "Home" button and "Power" button simultaneous for a few seconds to wait until the Apple logo comes up on the screen, and then your iPhone/iPod/iPad is rebooted. iphone stuck on apple logo white screen

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